A Story of Self Care, Self Love and Self Activation

One of the people I admire most is my friend Catherine Cowan. My husband and I met Cath at a retreat in Bali almost two years ago now. She showed up with this quiet presence that made me feel … Continue Reading

Twelve Things I learned about Self-Activation This Year

This year has been an incredible year of stepping up and growing for me. I’ve hit many walls, figured out the workarounds, had some wins and some maybes and some big flops too. Through it all, here are 12 … Continue Reading

The Best Kept Secret To Getting Shit Done

I always admire the seemingly casual work of artists, novelists and painters. Their work looks so effortless and offhand that I was convinced they were born with a pen or brush in hand and the pure ability to draw … Continue Reading

The Space Between The Body and The Mind

I was 14 when I started hating my body. I would go to school in giant baggy t-shirts that billowed over my jeans. I wanted to hide my stomach (I didn’t have one!), my breasts (tiny), my curves and … Continue Reading

The Most Non-Obvious Way to Keep Going When You’re Stuck

I’ve been feeling inexplicably exhausted lately and I’ve have only one desire: to close the curtains and stay in bed all day long. I found myself sitting on my couch at noon in my pajamas, staring at nothing and … Continue Reading

The 6 Ways We Fail Ourselves

It’s December 16, 2008 and I’m at a ski lodge in the Southern Alps with my husband. We’re sitting at dinner and there’s a fire crackling in the chimney. I defended my doctoral thesis in Marine Optics the day … Continue Reading

Why Choose Pain Over Fear

I catch myself doing it all the time. “Watch out you don’t fall.” “Be careful, you might hurt yourself.” “Get down before you scrape your skin off.”   It was only when my daughter said, “It’s ok mom, if … Continue Reading

How To Hold On To Childhood

It always strikes hardest at the beginning of summer when the kids are out of school and they haven’t started summer camp yet. The heat is rising, the sweat is running down my arms and the cherries and watermelon … Continue Reading

Five Signs You’re Doing What You Love, And Five Ways To Help You Discover It If You’re Not There Yet

I’ve come across many people, and students especially, who tell me that, in their search for a career and something meaningful, they just don’t know what they love doing despite being good and capable at many things. Just like … Continue Reading

There Are No Superwomen

Do you see that woman who is juggling her two kids, the cleanliness of her house, the social life of her husband and a full-time job? Do you see the other one who is teacher by day, artist by … Continue Reading